Success Story: Saving Laguna Greenbelt and Laguna Canyon

Laguna bookstore owner Jim Dilley had a dream of creating an open space greenbelt surrounding Laguna Beach, similar to the greenbelt open space preserves he had admired in England. He inspired many other Lagunans, and they joined together in 1968 as Laguna Greenbelt, Inc. to promote this concept. Key land parcels were acquired by the City, County and State as a result of the Laguna Greenbelt’s efforts. Read more>>

Success Story: Anti-High-rise Initiative. Voters prevail to keep buildings low and save ocean views.

In 1970 the mayor of Laguna, who was also the president of the Chamber of Commerce, proposed a new zone that would permit hotels and condos up to one hundred feet tall along the beach front, allowing a string of high-rise buildings from Broadway to Bluebird Canyon. Read more>>

Main Beach Park

Main Beach Park is known as Laguna’s “Window to the Sea,” but it wasn’t always that way. Most of Main Beach was once bordered by gas stations, restaurants, bars and a dance hall. In the 1960s proposals were considered to intensify the development on Main Beach, including a convention center. Read more>>

Vision 2030

In the spring of 1999 the Laguna Beach City Council funded a strategic planning and visioning process that involved more than 2000 Laguna Beach residents in defining the collective vision of our city a generation from now, in 2030. Read more>>

Laguna Beach and Greenbelt recognized as a Historic American Landscape by National Park Service

Laguna Beach and the Greenbelt have been recognized as an Historic American Landscape by the National Park Service, Department of Interior. Read more>>>

Laguna Concerns is Pro-Active

  • Responsive to the community vision
  • Progressive to solve problems
  • Progressive in planning logical transitions and solutions
  • Unite groups with like missions
  • Offer environmental solutions to land and sea issues

Current Issues — With your help these can be our community’s next Success Stories!

Downtown Specific Plan for Laguna Concerns

Village character and small town charm with a traditional downtown at its heart—this describes the image of Laguna Beach that residents and visitors treasure. The downtown serves… Read more>>

Historic Preservation

The history of Laguna Beach is an integral part of its charm and its persistent memorable images.  The story of how our community came to be is not only what we market to the world, but it is what makes us so comfortable and… Read more>>

South Laguna Community Garden Park

Since 2009 South Laguna Community Garden Park has been growing healthy foods, offering educational programs and bringing people together… Read more>>

Marine Life Protection Act (mlpa)

The process of developing a network of marine reserves and protected areas in state waters along the Southern California Coast from Point Conception to the Mexican border is moving toward completion. Will Laguna Beach be included in a Marine Reserve? Read more>>

Village Entrance

The “Village Entrance” site is the City-owned property across Laguna Canyon Road from the Festival grounds. It includes the asphalt parking lots and remaining maintenance facilities that adjoin the City Hall and stretch northward along Laguna Canyon Road and the Laguna Creek channel. For over 30 years we have been hoping for a more attractive entrance, including a park and creekside improvements. Read more >>

Inner Greenbelt

The Inner Greenbelt consists of hundreds of acres of steep hillsides within Laguna Beach, some of them protected and publicly owned and others privately owned and not yet placed into open space conservation. Laguna Beach neighborhoods are nestled among the natural hillsides, yet the pressures are great to extend developments beyond the present limits. Read more >>

Aliso Creek Area Redevelopment Plan

On the property in Aliso Canyon that we used to call Ben Brown’s and is now the Canyon Lodge/Aliso Creek Inn, the Athens Group proposes to build a new hotel and 39 privately owned residential units. We believe that the goal of planning efforts should be to preserve the beauty and serenity of the canyon and make it accessible to everyone in a way that does not compromise it. Read more >>

Super Project

The Army Corp of Engineers and the County of Orange are designing projects for Aliso Creek that are intended to stabilize the creek bed within the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park, yet these projects could damage the plants and wildlife of the Canyon.